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We pride ourselves as “a group of neighborhood dental offices.” We began as a single office in 1977 and have grown to 16 neighborhood dental offices in Northeast Ohio.

Thirty-five years ago, Hudec Dental started as one neighborhood dental office in the City of Cleveland. We have taken that same community-friendly spirit to each of our 16 present day locations. Our business is focused on bringing the most modern dental care into established neighborhoods. We are surprisingly different because we seek to have a conversation with patients…our practice is not just about telling patients what to do, but also learning what they need to do to maintain proper oral health. We have a large, diverse team of dental professionals so any kind of patient is able to find a relationship with which to feel at ease. Our quality dental work makes people smile. Our inviting staff makes people smile. Our loyalty to our community makes people smile.


Today from 8:00 to 17:00


481 East 260th Street, Euclid, OH, 44132, U.S.A.


Запись: 216-661-8888



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