We understand that our customers have different levels of needs when it comes to Internet Marketing. We tailor our services to meet your needs. Our services include two primary categories, Directory Listing Services and Web Building Services.

Our Directly Listing Services would enable you to have your information listed on the Internet and can be searched via major search engines including Google and Yahoo. For this service, we offer two levels of listing: 1. General Listing: For a mere $10 process fee, customers would be able to have their contact information updated and hosted in our own proprietary database. Consumers will be able to see your contact information on our directory as well as web page. Your location will be automatically updated on the zip code map. 2. Premium Listing: For $80 per year, in addition to all the benefit of General Listing, customers can also enjoy the following benefits, including but not limited to: Top 5 positions on the web page of same zip code or City Your information will be displayed in large and bold fonts. Your location on the map will be displayed in a distinguished color Your location on the map will have overlap priority in frequent cases whereas locations overlap with other services As you may notice, besides basic information listing function, the Premium Listing service offers you significant advantage over the same professional offices in your local area in attracting customers. Combined with our web building services, you will be able to better marketing your practice over others in your local areas.


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