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Protect your home sweet home with insurance from Allstate. A dedicated agent can provide you with helpful information and support, so you can quickly and easily select a policy that meets your needs

Allstate Homeowners Insurance protects your home, your property, your guests, and more. Allstate Homeowners Insurance is designed for the type of home you own and the lifestyle you enjoy. Plus, Allstate has optional features to offer you protection when you need it and rewards when you dont: Claim RateGuard: Helps keep your rate from going up just because of a claim. Claim-Free Rewards: Extra discount for switching to Allstate Claim-Free. Bonus savings every year you stay that way.


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B-813 West Rand Road, Arlington Heights, IL, 60004, U.S.A.


Toll Free: 1-800-255-7828

Car Phone: 847-707-1427

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