Tiger International Martial Arts Center

Tiger International Martial Arts (TIMAC) was created 18 years ago by immigrants from the former USSR, which was the world leader in sports and prepared the highest class of coaches.

The creator and president of TIMAC, Yefim Zeltser, a coach with 30 years of experience, trained many excellent athletes, champions of the USSR and the USA, and even Special Forces. He finished the best sport college in Moscow (The Central Government Institute of Physical Culture and Sport), and has experience as a sportsman in boxing, karate, and kickboxing. Zeltser has written books on preparation for boxing, karate, and kickboxing. He is the master of sport of the USSR in boxing, black belt in karate and kickboxing.


1609 Kings Highway, Brooklyn, NY, 11229, U.S.A.

Ефим Зельтцер: 917-929-0280

Михаил Судариков: 646-269-9427

Игорь Макуев: 347-210-5104


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