Radio Lenya

Every Monday through Friday, from seven and until nine in the morning, throughout Boston and the suburbs you can hear Russian radio at 1470 AM. The radio show consists of local as well as world news, medical news, weather, traffic and sports reports as well as other topics. The show is aimed at some 120,000 residents of Massachusetts who comprehend and speak Russian. From day one the show is anchored by a well known Russian journalist, recipient of many professional awards, play writer and author Leonid Komarovsky. The show is called "Times and Mores" - its an overview of the political, economic and social situations that are encountered by the anchor and other Russian speakers on a day to day basis. The show is interactive - any listener can call the studio and share his or her opinion with Mr. Komarovsky. Russian speaking politicians, businessmen, writers and journalists from Europe, Middle East and former Soviet Union states are frequent guests. The show is also well known to the Russian-speaking residents of Chicago and New-York City. Russian radio has become a noticeable part of the life in the Russian community. 1470 AM can be heard in approximately 80% of the Russian-American communities of Massachusetts. With arrival of the "Times and Mores" the community now has full spectrum of mass media outlets that cater specifically to Russian speaking Americans: "Russian Bulletin" agency produces a monthly "Russian Bulletin, Boston" magazine founded in 1988, "Russian Advertising" newspaper is delivered twice a month since 1999, Russian TV show "Aspect", web portal www.Russianmass.Com and now "Times and Mores" in Russian. Russian Advertising Agency is ready to help you navigate the Russian speaking marketplace. Russian speakers in Massachusetts are successful people who buy cars and houses, food and entertainment, goods and services; some have finally gained access to what was unattainable in their country of birth. If you want them to become your clients and customers - please contact Russian Advertising Agency.


Леонид Комаровский


P.O. Box 590541, Newton, MA, 02459, U.S.A.


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